The company

Nitrochem is a trading and manufacturing company that operates in the field of explosives. It is the largest company in Northern Greece with extensive clientele from the area of quarrying, mining and engineering.


The company, leveraging the extensive experience of its executives, proceeds to the future ready to encounter the challenges of the Greek and international market, aiming at constant evolution and development.


Adopting a customer-centric approach, the company's primary goal is meeting the customer's needs. As a result, emphasizes both on safety and quality of its products, as well as to provide effective solutions to customer requirements.


All kinds of explosives and initiation products marketed by Nitrochem are of the highest quality.


Η Nitrochem has:


  • Total storage capacity of:

- 300.000 kg of explosive,
- 20 million pieces of detonators
- 3 million meters of fuse


  • Its own fleet of vehicles, all certified for the carriage of explosives according to ADR.

Taking in consideration the company's stable and long-term collaboration with the most significant companies, maximum reliability and on-time delivery of the order are to be.

  • Capacity

    The company's facilities are sited in Lofiskos of Lagadas Thessaloniki. Access is carried out by paved road, while the fenced plot has a reliable security and monitoring system. The installed fire-fighting system and other protective measures ensure the safety of the installations. Nitrochem has a complex of 11 magazines where they can be stored whole and combined up to:

    • 300.000 kg explosives,
    • 3.000.000 meters fuse,
    • 20.000.000 τpieces of detonators
    • 200.000 kg of raw materials

    All company facilities operate in compliance with the requirements of Greek and European legislation.

  • Reliability

    The company owns a fleet of specially configured trucks for transporting explosive materials, all certified by the international ADR Directive. Also the drivers of the company are properly trained and certified according to ADR Directive.

    Each client of the company can feel confident for early and continuous delivery of materials needed and also safe as all the functions of the company comply with all requirements of domestic and international regulations.